What's it like to work at Revolution?

Revolution is a home for technically brilliant CPAs and paraprofessionals who value a relaxed, fun environment.

Revolution is a place where we make money but enjoy life!

Our jobs don’t compete with the time we need for self‐care and for our families.

Internally, we own mistakes individually with humility, transparency, and a commitment to do better. Externally, we own them as a team.

The ideal Revolution team member is one who:

  Is forward-thinking in utilizing technology to drive efficiency
Is self-motivated and finds satisfaction in a job well done
Can quickly shift between
disparate functions
Doesn’t take themselves
too seriously
Can work remotely and manage deadlines without direct supervision
Values the intangible benefits of working in a boutique CPA firm
Is committed to
professional development
and continuing education
Shares the firm’s core values of responsive communication,
relatability, and kindness
Feels empowered to discover
ways to improve existing
systems or develop new ones
Career Paths at Revolution
Our primary lines of business are Client Accounting Services (CAS) and Tax. As a boutique CPA firm, team members are cross‐trained across both service lines.
Compared to a regional or national firm where accountants are likely to specialize in a certain area of tax or assurance, Revolution team members are proficient in a broad range of public accounting matters. For interns and young professionals, this facilitates finding where your passion lies once you are out of the classroom and “get boots on the ground”.
We welcome inquiries from seasoned and young professionals in the market for career opportunities.
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