A small business owner smiling about bookkeeping services in Decatur, GA

Bookkeeping in Decatur, GA

Revolution delivers bundled solutions strategically designed to eliminate small business pain points.

Single Source Solution
no need to juggle multiple
providers or touchpoints
reconcile accounts and maintain your books
Accounts Receivable
maximize profitability with ACH collections
Employee Onboarding
we can automate your process
Sales Tax
we pull data from the Point of Sale system and file your returns
No Surprise Billing
services are bundled at a flat monthly fee
KPIs & Financial Statements
a snapshot of your business health, giving insight into your performance, operations, and cash flow
Full Service Payroll
no more data inputs – Revolution does it all
Workers Comp
implement “pay-as-you-go” premiums for cash flow or let us handle the annual audit
no need to come to our office — meet virtually and maintain data securely in the cloud
Trusted Advisors
CPA-level competence that’s more affordable than an in-house employee
Accounts Payable
leverage tech to streamline the process and control your cash flow
Benefits Advisory
support your team with health insurance, 401(k) plans, HSAs, life insurance, and more
Tax Preparation
integrating tax with small biz services puts you ahead of the game because we “live” in your books all year


Revolution’s small business services can support any industry! Listed below are some of those in which we have the highest concentration of clients.
Professional Services
Franchise Operations
Rental Investments
Law Offices
Optometry / Chiropractic

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